Smart business → better health.

Health care affects us all. And, despite life-saving work, the industry is at times challenged by a lack of modern business infrastructure, entrepreneurial spirit and struggles to deploy smart business solutions to improve outcomes. Bentley University is changing that.

Medical professionals discussing around conference table

Since its inception, the Bentley Health Thought Leadership Network (Health TLN) has brought together the very best business minds to tackle the industry’s pressing problems. Bridging traditional boundaries of academia and industry to advance health-related research that generates actionable insights, the Health TLN improves processes and ultimately benefits the patient experience. It also provides multidisciplinary academic coursework, corporate internships and hands-on experiences for Bentley students: burgeoning leaders who will help shape the future of this vital industry.

Data analytics and outcomes. Innovation in clinical care. An improved patient experience. In the seven years since its inception, the Health TLN has addressed myriad complex issues. Provided the framework for faculty to develop impressive coursework. Established collaborative partnerships. And conducted research initiatives that are already informing care and improving results.

The Health TLN is now poised to become a leader in shaping the business of health care — from IT and finance, to the lab, to the exam room.

60+ faculty and staff from across 24 departments and centers comprise the Health TLN

Collaboration matters.

Right now, Health TLN members are conducting research and have developed experiential learning opportunities with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital. Bentley has collaborated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to offer a customized MBA in the health care program.

Your partnership will be just as important — providing support that will advance health care research and education, and give faculty and staff the resources they need to be a force for better health care

The right time. The right place.

Now is the time to combine the exceptional business acumen of Bentley faculty, alumni and students with the unparalleled health care innovation of the region’s renowned institutions. The Health TLN continues to expand in scope as Bentley’s roster of interested partners grows.

Bentley’s depth of expertise and leadership has grown, too, with the arrival of its ninth president, Dr. E. LaBrent Chrite, whose vision for the university’s future centers on the opportunity for business education to address society’s challenges. With his guidance and the continued collaboration with engaged industry partners and local health care institutions, Bentley is ready to harness the power of business to improve the health care industry and, ultimately, the lives of all of us who depend on it.

Be a force for the future of health care.

Fuel Discovery

Provide programmatic support for faculty and student research, speaker events and multi-year projects to tackle the big questions in health care and how business can help.

Expand Student Opportunities

Support for the Health TLN will ensure that students can take advantage of internships and experiential learning opportunities, new courses will be developed, faculty can respond quickly as research needs arise, and collaborators view it as the gold standard resource for innovating the business of health care.

Recruit Top Faculty

The Health TLN will benefit tremendously from two organizational behavior and health care faculty with expertise in the analysis of health care systems; two arts and sciences faculty concentrating in sociology and psychology; and two natural and applied sciences faculty with expertise in health care technology, health informatics and data analytics.

Cultivate Innovation

Create a Patient Experience Lab that builds on the existing Virtual Reality Lab. Research so far has included studying the patient response during provider-patient interactions, allowing researchers to test environments for the delivery of diagnoses and improve the patient experience at these critical moments. Support for innovation will enable faculty, students and corporate partners to collaborate and explore even more real-time patient interactions.

“There is urgency in every sense. Health care not only affects each and every one of us personally, it affects every part of our society — the economy, the workplace, equity and quality of life. Smart business can make it better for everyone. The foundation has been laid, and Bentley is ready to lead us forward.”

Be a force for Bentley today.

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